The Cave of Lights

A 7-stage journey to the heart of a cave filled with magic and legends!

The visit, step by step

Step 1: Preamble

Welcome, intrepid explorers, to this fascinating archaeological adventure in the Grotte de Volvic. The archaeologists guiding you are eager to share their enigmatic discoveries with you.
These researchers have discovered ancient cave inscriptions and frescoes hidden deep in the earth.
We invite you to join them as they uncover the mysteries buried deep within the cave.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll be guided on a quest to discover the secrets of this exceptional geological site. A distinctive sound announces the start of each stage of your journey.

But before you start, be warned: this is a protected archaeological site where a few essential rules must be observed.

All adventurers must stay on the marked paths, and although photos are permitted, they must not be taken with a flash, as this could damage the rock paintings and, at the same time, the clues.
Don’t touch anything – these ancient remains have survived for thousands of years, and it’s important to preserve them.
The cave is dark, so stay close together and watch your step, especially on the stairs.
Follow the route as it presents itself, don’t turn back and don’t go beyond the authorised limits, otherwise you’ll get lost in this underground labyrinth.

We invite you to enter the cave, where your tour begins, at the dawn of a mystery that has spanned the ages…

Step 2: the Cave of Lights

Here you are in the cave, where the stone breathes and the first drawings come to life.
You meet Volvis, a magical otter, a solitary guardian who haunts these places and reveals the secrets of the past. She is as surprised to see you as you are to meet her, she begins to tell you her story and that of the place you have just entered.

Once, this cavern was home to an underground lake, and every corner of it was filled with perfect harmony.

But a great earthquake changed everything. Follow Volvis carefully as she invites you to visit what remains of this once flourishing kingdom. The glow of an abyssal blue illuminates your path, while the frescoes immerse you in the history of this mystical cave.

Step 3: Volvis, the Sacred Otter

You are taken to the place where the landslide occurred during the great earthquake. Volvis is faced with a major problem: the rocks are preventing the water from dancing freely through the cave.

In this half-submerged corner of the cave, Volvis has been trying to move the rocks for ages, but to no avail. To join her friends and free the stream, she asks for your help.

Your presence seems to give Volvis strength. This strength enables the passage to be unblocked and the water to flow again.

Onwards, to find Volvis’s friends!

Step 4: the nebula & Orion

An ever-changing nebula lights up the vault of the cave. Can you decipher the stars?

You are invited to take a seat on the bleachers, and all the parietal frescoes will light up before your eyes, blending into the celestial vault.

Volvis is delighted to see the world awakening again.

Volvis is reunited with her friend Orion, a majestic owl who must be awakened to accompany you on your quest for water.

Once awakened, Orion reveals the cave in an aerial ballet of colours and celestial symbols. A dazzling array of flora and fauna emerges in its wake.

Let yourself be carried away by this spellbinding choreography and watch the dazzling rebirth of the cave.

Step 5: Illumina

You are plunged into the heart of Orion’s kingdom, where his brilliant light transforms the cave into a celestial spectacle.

Bioluminescent butterflies dance through the air, revealing a fantastic plant landscape as Orion continues his celestial dance.

Step 6: Vegetalis

In this plant sanctuary, light and water intermingle, giving life to a luxuriant natural world.

Volvis and Orion are dazzled by the sight of Vegetalis. They are almost complete, but someone still seems to be missing… The Spirit of Water is still absent.

Perhaps he’s hiding behind the stone wall that wasn’t there in the first place? Vegetalis rears up with impetus and breaks through the wall that separates them from the sacred spring and their last companion.

Drums are heard… Volvis, Orion and Vegetalis continue their quest in search of the Spirit of Water and invite visitors to do the same.

Step 7: The Spirit of Water

The three guardians – Volvis, Orion and Vegetalis – are in search of the Spirit of Water. They join forces to make him appear.

At last, the Spirit of Water appears! Thanks to his power, he restores harmony to this enchanted kingdom. Released from the rock, he illuminates the cave with his radiance and disappears. Lapilli, the guardian of the Awakening of the Volcano of Lemptégy, appears stealthily.

The kingdom is flourishing again. You can now return to the surface with the pride of having restored harmony to the Cave of Lights.

Goodbye, and thank you for your bravery and dedication to this ancestral sanctuary.

La Grotte de la Pierre de Volvic est ouverte le mardi, mercredi et jeudi. Venez découvrir notre nouvelle visite : la Grotte des Lumières !